Mangiare, Brisbane, SFO

This cafe in the Brisbane Shopping center is a nice spot for lunch. There was a vegetarian supreme burger and a vegetarian curry bowl. I opted for the latter, which was a lot of lentils, vegetables over rice, with pieces of mango. Was great – more importantly healthy. Of course, it was way too much for me. The cafe has an assortment of bakery items and also, surprisingly, alcohol – if you care to wine with your lunch. Would go back again.

Wednesday day evening, I was too tired but made up my mind to visit Annapoorna in San Mateo. The drive was about 20 minutes. Parking was rather easy. The restaurant’s inside was way too bright for me, but they don’t sell on decor. I opted for the Thali. The plates could have been shinier and so were the spoons. Food was close to home – with vegetables and a bit of rice. Rasam was too watery. The chappatis were welcome. Alright place; maybe I should try the dosas and vadas next time

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