Short term crisis over

With the Dubai crisis being dismissed, the short term crisis is over and all markets have responded positively. China stocks are firing on all cylinders – CAAS, CYD. Other watch list candidates all did well over the past two days – REV, CML, KMGB. GS is still down and forming a ‘W’ in time for their mid-Jan earnings release. But they are still fighting bad PR and it isn’t over. If you think GS’s run is over, then you will be surprised. The folks at GS aren’t the ones who rest on a flat stock price. It just has to breathe easy for some time. I see more buying oppotunities ahead with GS. So far, the drops have been on below average volume except yesterday. Once the earnings season starts making the news, we could be seeing some upside; added to this fact is that we are in the midst of Holidays where all the big names are

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