Columbus, OH

On a project at Columbus, OH, I got to enjoy some really great food. Tuesday dinner was at Udupi. I got the Dosa Thali and the dosa and vada were very good. The rasam soup was too spicy for me. Took a Salt Lassi for the room.

Wednesday, I visited the Banana Leaf. This modest place with very (very) bright lighting, had some excellent fares to offer. The dinner thali/buffet started with various sampler chaats, all very good; in fact, it was a bit filling. The thali had at least three vegetables, dhaal and a louki halwa, which was excellent. The mini dosa and the poori were also low-fat, excellent choices. I am glad I drove 5 miles on a very cold, blustery night to get dinner.

Thursday, I headed to ‘Dosa Corner‘ on Old Henderson Road. This modest place is unlike a restaurant setting, but more of a take out place. Tables fill most of the small hall. I was a bit surprised by the decor but was expecting it. It reminded me of small, mom-pop restaurants in Bangalore. I was surprised to see ‘Bangalore Masala Dosa’ on the menu. I have seen Mysore and Madras Masala Dosa so far. The Dosa thali was one of THE BEST I have had in US; reminded me of the great after taste you have after eating masala dosa in one of the many old restaurants in Bangalore (The Malleswaram Krishna Bhavan? came first to mind). The Idli was very light, which is how I like it best; the vadas were fluffy and delicious. Usually vadas in Indian restaurants in the US are stuffy and look like Vadas but don’t taste like one. These two were extremely good. The coffee was in the typical steel cup and steel bowl? you are used to in one of the Bangalore hotels.

All in all, the first time out of home travelling, I got to eat GREAT, HEALTHY food three days in a row, in all of fifteen years in America. Loved it!

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