Lively marketing conversation

I was in Dublin, OH for a client migration. Thursday it started to snow dogs and cats. By the evening, it was over 5 inches and a merry sight. I had anticipated the weather and driving challenges and had taken out dinner from Dosa Corner on Wednesday. The Puliyogre was okay, too spicy for me. So I could not eat it all. I thought I should cool down myself and saw there was traffic on the streets. So I stepped out of my hotel. The main roads were well salted, though getting out of the hotel to the main street was dicey.

I had thought of visiting a grocery store and fetching some buttermilk. As I drove a mile and a half, I couldn’t find any grocery store. I finally turned into a small complex and saw an Indian restaurant – India Palace. Okay, this will do – I thought as I could get some lassi. I stepped in and ordered two Mango Lassi, thinking these are usually not large drinks. The owner of the restaurant was a sardar. There was no one that night due to the weather. I was waiting for the order and we got into a conversation. Where was I from, what am I doing here, etc. I mentioned I work for Aprimo and we make marketing management software. He was interested and asked what does it actually do. Send out emails to prospective client, I said. I mentioned we can get such lists from vendors. His experience with advertising hadn’t got results despite his promotions. So he was looking for email lists. I said I will look up the net and send him my findings.

He had helped build the Navy complex in Karwar – a Rs 15,000 crore project and he was in the army before. Very nice gentlemen. We were chatting about 20 mins and time went by fast.

Just life’s little surprises! I was thinking of getting something and get back to the hotel room and the act of stepping out brought in some life back to my mind.

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