Beautiful SFO Bridge

I was at SFO for the production migration of Managed to get things going on time. Today evening, I got sick of sitting inside the hotel room and thought of heading out. My aim was to go to the ‘Udupi Palace’ on Valencia and 26th(?). The North bound traffic got heavier toward Chavez street and I finally got off 101N. Finding parking was a real challenge. Finally after 20 minutes of hunting, I found parking about 8 blocks off Udupi.

I ordered the Dosa platter; it was very good. The idli had a slightly sweetish taste to it making it very enjoyable. The vada was good. The Dosa was huge; it was cut into two making me ask if the plate came with two of them. I also ordered a coffee which should have been Nescafe. All in all, very good food; place was crowded. I was seated besides another pair in a table for four!

As I walked back to the car, I decided to drive a bit. I chose to go to the Golden Gate Bridge. My Garmin gave me directions to the Golden Gate vista point. It took me through the heart of San Francisco downtown. Driving on Lombard brought back memories from the 90s. The street is so curvy that at stop signs, I had to get off my seat to see the road ahead!

I was thinking the vista point was before the bridge, but it was on the northern side. So I got to drive on the bridge as well. I was thinking of doing this tomorrow in daylight. Anyway, driving at night wasn’t as exciting as I had to mainly focus on the road and the far-off sides were pretty dark. At the vista point, there were hardly few people. I parked my car – there was a tow truck making me think the point was not welcome for visitors at least at the time. I could see downtown SFO in the far off distance dimly lighted by the city lights. It took me about 5 minutes for my eyes to get used to the surroundings. I took some snaps from my Sony W120, but not sure how it would come out. After calling Rama and another 10 minutes, I headed back to the hotel.

On the way back on Van Ness, caught the heart of downtown SFO. Took some snaps as I drove. Think I got the dome of what I thought as the City center. Back to hotel – this production migration was different with some memories to carry back home of the energy that is San Francisco.

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