Anger Management

Those few who are always calm are maybe the a happiest people on Earth. My bouts of happiness in the past few years have led me to analyze the reason behind it very much. For if you know the reason you can be happy, you can have consistency to it. The reason in my case is plain and simple. I would get angry needlessly. It could be for very simple reasons. Say, for e.g., I was driving Vikas to his school in the morning. The traffic on Valley Forge Rd can be quite a lot in the peak hours. This one lane road becomes a stopping point to others whenever one has to turn. When you turn on a one lane road, with lot of traffic behind you, I make it a point to move to the center of the intersection so that others can get past you. This way it doesn’t hold up traffic. But some, who probably are either ignorant of the benefits of paying attention to others need, or simply don’t care, stand right before the light and hold up traffic. This would make me angry or upset, I don’t know which word to use. Of course, this feeling to an amount that I know it shouldn’t come in my way of daily life. However, even that slightest amount of frustration/anger/upset is a starting point in my way to lose happiness.Unknowingly, my conscious has been planted a seed that will grow; and with its growth it provides me opportunities to aggravate myself at the next slightest possible opportunity. This builds up until at some point I am not enjoying being in the moment, but thinking about things I can’t change. The key thing is not to get affected even in the slightest way. That is Yoga.

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