15 minutes of Yoga

Many ask me what they can do as a routine for 15 minutes a day. The question is a pretty hard one as the answer is ‘it can vary’. The reason is there are so many postures/asanas to do and add to it meditation – you get the idea. To work up a routine for yourself, here is what you want to do

– Attend a yoga class for 6-8 weeks. Identify which postures you like and enjoy most. Make a note of these and incorporate into your routine. The more you enjoy the better as then you can vary the routine often.

– We can categorize the postures for the above purpose i.e., for someone wanting to enforce practice as a) Standing b) Sitting on the mat c) On the belly d) On the back e) Sun Salutations. Choose one or two postures from each category and try it out. It would be great if you can start with Sun Salutations. For e.g., a routine would be from among the following. Select one from each to start with and then increase.

1) Sun Salutation – either Half-, Intermediate- or Full-.
2) Standing – Mountain, Half-bends, Hero and variations, Tree
3) Sitting on the mat – Twists, Bound angle, Child
4) On the tummy – Half- or Full-Cobra, Half- or Full-Locust, Bow
5) On the back – Bridge, Half-Shoulderstand, Lying Bound-angle, Boat

Follow above by deep relaxation for a minute or two. Obviously, if you are a beginner, you don’t know 90% of the above. Hence you need to attend a class and get familar. Going to a class sounds boring, but you will see a TREMENDOUS difference right after a class. Once you start practicing you will start feeling the flow yourself and can ‘figure out’ what you want to do.

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