Best Indian restaurants I have visited

Here are the best Indian restaurants I have personally visited. Some offer the South Indian variety which isn’t typical. I have marked them S/N/M for South, North, Mixed; V – Vegetarian. These are some of the best keeping food quality and taste as the primary criteria. Few of these have decor that doesn’t stand out, but for good food, you won’t complain. Highlighted ones are unique amongst these for theme, decor/atmosphere.

Dublin/Columbus, OH: Dosa Corner on Old Henderson Rd (S, V); Udipi on E. Dublin Granville Rd(S); Banana Leaf (S, V) on Bethel

Salt Lake City, UT: Bombay House on Parleys Way (M);

San Francisco, CA: Dosa on Valencia (S, V); Roti Indian Bistro in Burlingame (M); Ananda-Faura (V);

Seattle, WA: Maharaja, East Pike Street

Vancouver, B.C: Planet Veg on Cornwall Ave (V); Naam on West 4th Ave (V);

Parsippany, NJ: Chand Palace (V); Saffron on E. Hanover (N); Moghul in downtown Morristown (N); Begum Palace, Madison (N);

New York City, NY: Vatan (V); Saravanas (V); Sukhadia’s (V)

Jacksonville, FL: Red Chillies (M), Baymeadows Rd; Cilantro, San Jose Blvd (M)

Salem, SC: Saffron, WoodRuff Road (M); India Palace on 5th Ave.

Chicago, IL: Vermillion (Fusion); Green Zebra (V);

Edison, NJ: Saravana (V); Moghul (M); Sukhadia’s (V)

Philadelphia, PA: Jaipur (M). (At King of Prussia, You can request spicel levels Mild, Medium, High, Pain 101, Sign your Waiver); Karma (M)

Overland Park, KS: Paradise India (M)
Raleigh, NC: Azitra (M)

Virginia Beach, VA: Nawab Indian Cuisine (M)

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