Columbus trip

Was at Columbus, OH for a week for a Production migration. Production night was Friday and it went into 3 AM before I got back to the hotel. In the end it went pretty well.

Saturday, I rented a car and decided to visit the local temples. I chalked out six for the trip. My first stop was at the Hindhu Temple, which had Satsang going on. It was nice to sit there for a while. Next two stops were fruitless, couldn’t find them where they were placed. The fourth was at the Shiva-Vishnu temple, which was located in a secluded area. The temple had nice, wooden interior and the idols were pretty big and well made. I decided it was too late for lunch and skipped the next ones. Headed out straight to Dosa Corner. The host, who I thought will recognize me, didn’t 🙂 but the bisi bele bath was very good, part of the Bangalore Thali.

Went back to the hotel and I headed out again for dinner. I couldn’t locate the Indian hotel; but settled in for the Chipotle. Next morning, I was wondering where to go. I considered Cleveland for a while, but Rama talked me out of it as it was over a 2 hour drive. So I turned south towards Cinncinati. The Sebring convertible was big and spacious. 3/4ths of the way, I turned the top down and enjoyed some sun and attention.

By the downtown, I strolled around the ‘Stadium of the Reds’. There was lots of construction going on. I parked close by and walked across the bridge to Kentucky. Took a lot of picture with my Sony W120. It was cool enough for me not wear the jacket. I thought I will next drive into town and find a Starbucks. I couldn’t find parking. It was around 4:30 PM, decided to head back. Turned the top down again, filled gas and was on my way.

At Columbus, stopped at Udupi for dinner. The Uttapam was a bit spongy, but the Idli was great. I dropped off the car at the Hertz rental on Sullivant; it was around 7:30 PM. The cab picked me up w/o a problem.

Once back in the hotel, thought I will blog. Usually I put pics of my visit in the blog. I search for my camera only to realize I didn’t have it. I was sure I left it in the car after my walk on the bridge. I left a voice mail to Hertz and again at 7 AM Monday morning, when they open. No response.

Felt sad losing my Sony W120. Hopefully I will get it back due to some honesty on someone’s part.

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