Yesterday night I was in deep fever with chills. On a Summer evening, I was in thermals and all wrapped up. My night was horrible, needless to say. It is during this time, I had a vision in the form of a dream. It went something like this. I am looking up and see all the Godly beings in my sight. I say ‘Prove it!’ The left hand side of my sight now shows many different forms and creatures, things, etc. With one swish of a hand, all these are transformed into one single stream and they reach the right side of my sight. It deeply entrenches in me that everything is One, of the same source, is nothing different. I again say ‘Prove it!’ Again different forms come into my vision on the left side and with a single swoosh, they all condense into one identical stream. Again the message of ‘Everything is One’ embeds in my mind.

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