Two weeks of challenge, travel

Last two weeks were busy travel weeks. The week before I was at Target in Minneapolis downtown. It was a rainy week. Unique thing about downtown here is the buildings over 8-10 blocks all are connected via sky ways. In a sense you don’t have to step out to the streets at all. I was staying at the Marriott City center and had a nice view of the city, just a few blocks away from Target center. Unfortunately I didn’t carry my camera. The downtown itself was a bit on the quieter side, say compared to Chicago or New York, but that might be because of the rain. Bombay Bistro on Marquette was a nice restaurant where I had lunch on the day I went in and dinner another. Dinner was good at Zelo – the vegetarian lasagna was excellent, though I always avoid it due to the cheese in it. Wish I had more time to look around.

Boston, last week, was even more exciting. Work went well as was at Target. Wednesday night I drove to Harvard square hoping to find veggie Planet, but it was dark and raining and couldn’t look around much. Finding parking was more challenging than in Manhattan – where at least you can find public parking. Finally, with my GPS running out of battery, didn’t want to take much of a chance and headed back to the hotel. Next day, I headed back to Harvard square to meet a colleague. The children were very cute company and touched my heart. The square was buzzing with people; the evening being on the warmer side. Couldn’t find an ice cream shop in the time I was there. Headed back to hotel. Taking the cue, I had parked near the church near the square and that’s a little known secret. Again, I wished I had my camera.

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