Life gives you back when you least expect it

This has been my mantra for the past 1 1/2 weeks. When you least expect it – that is the key. You do your best and forget about the results – exactly what the Gita says. Forgetting about the results is being indifferent to it. It might work out, it might not – but the key thing is to be indifferent to it. Don’t get over excited or dejected. You have to accept the results and move on. Lot of time I have found (after doing my best, of course), I am better off to accept the outcome than to try to steer it in the direction ‘I’ would have preferred it to go. Don’t get me wrong. A business, for example, shouldn’t it be steering towards, say, profitability. You should. If you do your best, it will succeed very likely. If it is consistently failing, then you have to evaluate if you are in the wrong place – maybe, a result of prior over-steering against your natural desire/will.

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