Sringeri Mutt in the Poconos

The new Sringeri Mutt temple in the Poconos is amidst beautiful settings. The temple itself is pleasant. We had darshan of Sharadamba and very nice home-like food. The new temple is behind the existing one, which was in a house-like setting itself. The drive up to the temple was a bit longer as I missed the Allentown (Rt. 22) exit, so we had to drive all the way up to Rt. 209, but the surroundings made up for the distance lost. As you travel through small-town America, you get a light sense of life out there – small town, everyone-knows-everyone, few shops, etc. I wish I had time to stop wherever I wanted to take pictures. After lunch, we drove to the Tannersville outlet mall. Parking was a HUGE problem on this holiday weekend. I finally managed to ‘create’ a parking space. While resting after some shopping, I managed to take out my camera and shoot a few pictures amidst the shoppers much to the chagrin on Rama. You see, she thinks I should not shoot in public. I didn’t include any faces in my shots in any case.

A round of Valley Forge park marked the day’s end with dinner at Devi. We were a bit late for dinner, else wanted to wait for the sunset at the park

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