Catching that Sunset

I tried to catch the missed sunset again yesterday at the Valley Forge Park after dropping Vikas off to his evening class. It turned out to be cloudy and the sun didn’t get through. Moreover, it was getting late to pick him up again. The park was less crowded and most were running or jogging or just getting in there. I managed to get my tripod out at the risk of offending someone’s privacy, visually that is – that is how bad the tripod looks! The photos came out much sharper than the day before when I was shooting hand held. The picture you see is behind the arch, at the parking. It was a much bland picture to start with, clearly the sun wasn’t showing at all. But some editing in free Picasa did the trick – add some light and a gradient filter, filling in with some sunset color and the picture now looks more ‘lookable’ 🙂

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