Trigger points

Have you ever re-visited a situation when you have been angry or irritable or blameful? If you have had none of these emotions, I salute you. Like me, if you have been through such situations, it is helpful to go back to the chain of events. I say, chain of events, because I am very sure these emotions come in dozens, so to speak. It is never like I was angry today at 11:15 AM and rest of the day I was alright. The reason I bring up the chain of events is because you need to go back through these events methodically and try to identify when it all started. That ONE instance is the root cause for every thing else. What that ONE instance does is to put you into a pattern of reacting without using your judgment. Identify what was the cause of that starting event.

Many times, you might not be able to identify what the cause is right away. You will need to delve upon it for a longer time. It helps if you just note that you have a NEED to find out the answer and sleep through it, sometimes for days. When it is entrenched in your conscience, at some point, when your soul is very light and aware, it will strike you what the reason was. Maybe your expectations were high and you got disappointed; maybe something else that only YOU will know. And at this time, you will know that this was the cause and you will be able to reconcile with yourself and be able to move on. This process of self analysis, both consciously and sub-consciously, is your way of moving forward with your life finding conciliation and acceptance with your own self.

If you haven’t read it yet, the Yoga sutras of Patanjali Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali: Containing His Yoga Aphorisms with Vyasa’s Commentary in Sanskrit and a Translation with Annotations Including Many Suggestions for the Practice of Yoga is a must read. 5000 years back Patanjali analyzed what affected the mind and how to overcome it and he didn’t even have a PhD in Psychoanalysis 😉

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  1. Wonderful post, something we all must follow to be truly happy in life!

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