Root canals and the ignorances

I recently had tooth pain intermittently and I went to see my dentist just after 4 weeks of my semi-annual cleaning. She took x-rays and said that she saw the particular tooth being a bit darker and said it was bacteria that was in there. Solution: Root Canal and antibiotics. Cost: nearly $1600 including crown replacement. I judiciously went for a second opinion to my former dentist and he said he doesn’t see any cavities and he wouldn’t recommend a root canal. It seems brushing hard and/or with a hard brush isn’t good for the teeth and it could cause abrasions, as in my case. Also, clenching teeth as some people involuntarily do during sleep isn’t good either, leading to abrasions. He put some dental varnish on the affected tooth, which is supposed to seal the minutes holes on the teeth and make it less sensitive. He also prescribed me a prescription strength tooth paste which lessens sensitivity and I was done. I am glad I took a second opinion. I will know for sure in the coming months, but I trust Dr. Xavier  on Allentown Road is an excellent dentist. I had to switch from him for reasons of schedule as I used to travel a lot and couldn’t get appointments at my convenience.

While reading up root canal, I read that Fluoride isn’t good really as it’s sugary nature doesn’t really kill bacteria. Instead a non-fluoride based toothpaste such as Spry which uses Xylitol is anti-bacterial in nature. I will switch to this toothpaste once my prescription toothpaste is done. I read one review that Spry has some ingredient that is not good for humans, but 99.9% of reviews on Amazon didn’t mention this.

I also read that Grape Seed Extract (GSE) is an excellent house-hold all purpose first aid that everyone should have. It can kill bacteria in the teeth, on the kitchen counters, everywhere. It is pretty strong so read instructions before using. One reviewer said to add a drop of GSE onto the normal toothpaste and brush and her tooth pain was gone. You can also take it as a medication (ingestion), but I will know more when I receive it tomorrow.

The last thing I will write in this blog is about MSM. This is another anti-biotic that is so effective in treating colds, sinuses (any virus/bacterial based problem) that many people take this supplement daily. More food for thought or material to research. Today’s medicine in solving something creates more problems later on – something avoidable, if avoidable.

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