Programmed for Success?


Hope you all had a wonderful 4th weekend; I did watching the roaring Niagara fall over the cliff on the Hurricane deck – it is always humbling to feel the full power of nature. I couldn’t help but bow to the power reminding me of the native Americans who revered Mother nature. At the same time it was fun, trying to catch my breath every other second. You can read more of it at

In today’s world, many of us are programmed to have-to-succeed right from childhood; this singular drive blinds us from realizing the power within us and have us focus on what we want to get – like buying a house or a car or something that is socially attached to success, rather than how we want to achieve the same. The power within us is enormous; this power does not necessarily have to do with achieving more success. It is got to do more with being happy and being aware. Being so gives us the balance of mind to wade through problems and still stay calm. Imagine, a success-programmed individual facing failure; he or she gets distraught, dejected and might even give up the goal. However, if that same drive comes from one being balanced, he or she will look at the failure as an opportunity to do better. The balance throughout the journey makes one stronger having reached the goal.

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