Yoga & Meditation by Swamiji

Namaste All,

Next Friday, July 16th, at 6 PM EST, Acarya Savitananda Swamiji will be talking about Yoga & Meditation at the Bharatiya Temple in Chalfont. Please see details below what is covered. Please make note and try to avail of his experience. Swamiji has practiced and taught Yoga and Meditation for many, many years and trained many teachers. It will be very rewarding for us to get an insight into his experience and method of teaching. There is no charge for the class; however voluntary donations are welcome and will help support the orphanages that Swamiji supports around the world.

Venue: Bharatiya Temple, 1612 County Line Road, Chalfont, PA 18914
Date/Time: July 16th Friday, 6 PM EST for about 90 minutes.

Suggest you bring something such as a towel to sit on/practice; a Yoga mat will be handy too. Please forward the message to those you know who will benefit from the session.


Acarya Savitananda Avadhuta, India



India was rich for several thousands of years due to meditation which Kings , Queens and Princes learned in the forest from Sages, Rsis and Muniis. There was a happy blend of both material and spiritual progress due to high moral and spiritual values of life.

Acarya Savitananda Avadhuta teaches Rajadhi Raja Yoga (Kingly Yoga) – Meditation – coming from the time of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna which can easily be learned in just in few minutes and then practiced for a few minutes twice daily ridding oneself of stress and many other ailments.

Acarya Savitananda Avadhuta is a monk for the past 40 years from India. He has been traveling, delivering lectures, imparting practical lessons in different countries all over the world. He visited all the countries in Europe, South America, Canada, USA, China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines etc where he taught Yoga and Meditation to many who benefited by practicing it. He established Yoga Teachers Training Center in Sweden in 1975 and now supervising a Training Center in Germany.

He is currently on tour in the USA to give lectures and to conduct meditation classes.

Persons interested in obtaining peace in their life can avail this golden opportunity by attending his program. Topics like Improving Concentration of Mind, Getting rid of Stress, Attaining peace of Mind will be addressed by Acarya Savitananda Avadhuta.

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