Happiness is…

I had written a poem what Happiness is. Happiness can be defined in many different ways for different people. Last week I think I got my true definition of what Happiness stands for me. I am Happy when I can make others truly Happy. This definition of Happiness goes beyond what reactionary definition of what Happiness is for e.g., I am happy because we bought this house; I am happy because my child did this or did that. Such ‘gratification’ or a high level of satisfaction is temporary. I have found that when I can make others happy, my own  happiness becomes more and more long lasting. Such happiness breaks down barriers that otherwise can exist. With such happiness, you can see solutions more easily or I am not so easily flustered by a failure.

Today, I stepped out to check out the water hose as it was leaking. I saw the mulch pushed onto the walkway due to the heavy rains in the morning. So I stepped back into the home from the front door, locked it and went out to the garage, took out the rake and opened the garage door. I knew Rama was going to the center soon, so I opened the middle garage door instead of the far out one that I usually open. I was raking the mulch in place, when Rama and Vikas both drove out to work. After a little while I wanted to get back into the home when I realized the garage door was closed. Rama had closed the door as she normally does when she drives out! I had even left my cell phone back at my desk. I WAS LOCKED OUT. I had many things to take care of before leaving to Chicago tomorrow. I could have been mad at myself and at Rama. The anger simmered, giving a glimpse of what it could be when I am angry. It died down almost instantly as though unable to rise against a ceiling of happiness. I recognized that I was happy and didn’t want that anger to spoil it.

I thought, I could easily have opened the far out garage door. But I distinctly remembered that I decided to open the second door so as to ease her stepping out. For some unknowing reason, something made me open that specific door. I could have easily opened the other door. My intellect failed to work in reasoning it out that a) I didn’t have my cell phone b) Rama was stepping out along with Vikas c) She could lock the garage door on her way out. Even more importantly, I realized after being locked out, that I was in a situation that I couldn’t change because it was past. My choice was simple. I could get angry or stay out and retain my state. I knocked on my neighbor, used their phone and called Rama. She immediately picked up – if I had called on my cell phone, she might not have as she would know it was from me and she could check the voice mail later. After about 90  minutes she drove back home and let me in.

In those 90 minutes, nothing much had changed i.e., nothing had happened that missed me. I am still confounded why I chose not to open a different garage door as I usually do. It just happened – as many say, maybe because of a reason. The reason was to demonstrate to me that a) some things happen beyond your control and b) you can navigate your way out of it staying calm and happy. Simple lesson, maybe even naive, but I guess this situation will stay embedded in my mind and serve me sometime in the future well.

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