Vacation time

We were at California this past week and a half at Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. I must admist Yosemite turned out to be the most spectacular place I have ever visited. Lake Tahoe was peaceful and huge. After visiting our dear friend at Irvine, CA, we flew to Sacramento and drove back to their place via Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. The drive was excellent with breath taking vistas very often. I didn’t take photos of the drive out of Lake Tahoe. The Nevada landscape was just too big for my 18mm lens – it couldn’t have captured all the glory true to what our eyes were seeing.

The trip to Yosemite ended spectacularly. We were driving back from the valley to Hotel Wawona. The 19 mile trip was supposed to be about an hour. It was dark as we wanted to get dinner before we left. We had to stop twice due to construction and wait for a pilot vehicle. This added 30 minutes. At the very end, a mile before the hotel, we pulled over to a side and after letting the tail of cars vanish, we were all alone amidst deep darkness – not a single light to be seen for miles!! Looking up turned out to be event of a lifetime with the Milky way clearly visible in all its glory, overpowering us with humility and emotion. Varun said he was both afraid and thrilled by the spectacle, such was the sight of our galaxy revealing a piece of itself to us. In addition to Yosemite itself, this made us realize the relative smallness of humanity.

See a slide show of the photos we took here. Clicking on any of these will take you to the album on Picasa where you can see some explanatory text.

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