Practice should be part of you

With vacation and getting back to work and travelling, my Yoga practice went a bit on the easier side. Whatever happens when you do Yoga, it prepares me better for the day. The more I practice, the more balanced I am. I don’t know about others who don’t practice Yoga and stay balanced, but Yoga works for me. Over the past week after coming back from vacation, the initial jolt was a bit hard. With the total tuning out of work this time at Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, I guess I wasn’t mentally prepared for the hectic pace I got into work.

This week I was at Waukegan, IL. It was the week after Labor day. The first day was a bit depressing as I felt isolated. But as I got back into the stream of activities and talking to others on the team, I found my groove back. Working from home has its advantages, but one doesn’t realize after a long period of time just talking over the phone and distancing yourself, it takes a bit to get used to the dynamics of working with people closely (physically) again. At home, your schedule is determined by the calendar and you can plan your breaks, activities around it. At office, you have someone come in with a question or being pulled into a quick meeting and this kind of disrupts the schedule/plan. There is always something you can do quickly or help out quickly.

Anyway, coming back to what I wanted to write about – I practiced Yoga in the hotel two out of the three days and felt great. The time I took to meditate was invaluable. When I travel, I find it hard to sleep at my regular times; so I end up staying awake working and/or watching TV after I come back from dinner. This time I stuck my iPod in the music deck and listened to my favorite songs.

When you listen to music, you get carried into the world you want to it to be. It is always nice when you can imagine a world which has only the good things you think about. It dawned upon me, that such a world is unreal. This might be a ‘duh’ moment, but we immerse ourselves into such unreal world trying to getting away from the real world. We think we are better prepared to deal with challenges when we get away into the other world. You better find out means of dealing with the real world than being away from it. Meditating on a problem is a good way. Being away is a distraction – you need to recognize this. Being here is what you need to do. Taking out all the distractions – the ones you thought are necessary – makes your task easier.

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