My name is Khan

Watched ‘My Name is Khan’ today. Nice movie. First move where Shahrukh doesn’t break into a dance. I was thinking at least in one of the dream songs, he would. The movie is pretty watchable coming from Bollywood. There are believable elements – those about love and feelings and respect for humanity outside of religion. For one, I didn’t believe Shahrukh portrayed an autistics individual very well. I haven’t seen someone with such a syndrome lift heavy things as he does during the hurricane. But he managed to come across and touch you at times. They could have have pulled off someone more credible for the president. Kajol played her part superbly. The story itself has a lot of substance and portrays the side Muslims look from after 9/11. We have to accept some realities. The English version of ‘Hum Honge Kamyaab’ was a superb idea to mix with the Hindi version – very apt.

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