Economy and honesty

I guess Honesty has a direct correlation with Economy. If the Economy is good, honesty levels are up and vice versa. There might be research done over this but it is not totally necessary as one can see through a bad economic situation leading to compromising of values. Duh, eh? Why in the world are thieves (at least most of them 🙂 ) land in jail? Anyway, I am getting away from my point.

Last Friday, I landed at the Philly International Airport. I had my laptop bag and the carry-on. As I walked out of the terminal, I stopped at Au Bon Pain to pick up some coffee and a snack. I also say the chocolate coated Almonds. I knew Rama and Vikas liked them. So I ended up with 2 snack boxes, cup of coffee, my carry on and the lap top bag. Too many things. On the way out of the terminal, just before entering Garage C, I stopped at the bank of chairs against the window wanting to organize myself.

I walked into the garage (about 15-20 steps), took the elevator to the 3rd floor. As I stepped out of the elevator, I realized I had left my laptop bag behind. I went back to the 1st level to the seats and the bag was nowhere to be found. All this was a matter of 1- 1 1/2 minutes! My attempts to trace the bag was futile. The Lost and Found section directed me to the Police station, who in turn directed me back to the Lost and Found Communication center who in turn directed me to the Police station. They gave me a number to call to file a report. I did that and after a week there is no news of the bag.

I had two client laptops, my dear Canon s90 which was just about two months old, my 30GB iPod, my wireless mouse, library book on photography, miscellaneous items. There was enough material in there to tell that the bag belonged to me – my visiting car, my name tag, my company name embossed on the laptop bag. If the person who found the bag were honest, I should have heard about it. We make it a point to be honest in life, but alas it isn’t true of some of us.

I took consolation in the fact that some needy person needed all the $3000 worth of stuff in there (at least cost-wise). But if I were to find a bag, what would I have done. I would have secured the bag and called Security or took it to the L&F section myself. You would also think, in these times of elevated security, the CC cameras would spot a bag being left behind and raise the alert level. Exactly where I believe I left the bag, there are those black domes apparently hiding cameras, so I should think the security at the airport should have spotted the lonely bag right away.

It is hard to reconcile losing something dear to your heart, but we need to get on with life. Luckily it could have been worse. I usually take my car keys out when I reach the car in the garage. By coincidence, I had taken the keys (car and home) just after we landed and put it in my pocket. God knows why I did that out of the norm.

In the end, I feel I will recover more than I have lost last Friday and that keeps me going.

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