The Power of positive thinking

If all men were perfect – such is not the case. How much ever I teach Yoga and try to energize, life has its own challenges for me that I have to deal with. Recently, some job related stress and the loss of my laptops at the Philadelphia International airport added to myself becoming increasingly negative. I was more anxious than negative I think. I used to view events as decidedly dead against me. After a lot of anxiety and thinking and disturbing my sleep, I was able to see through the events and reason out why what I thought were negative for myself were probably not so. More importantly, even if there are negative for oneself, one needs to turn the mind away from the negatives. Negative thinking, so to speak, is more sticky than positive thinking. As we age and our energies cool down, you will realize what you used to do with sheer energy is no longer doable by energy alone. You will need a) good, positive thinking,  b) engage others, c) focus on your strengths d) go for the long-term goal and longevity vs the short-term-goal and many more.

I was driving back from the Philly airport after a lot of stress in the past week and a half. My thoughts were more anxious (about job, future, etc) than negative. Out of the blue, I thought ‘Let me just keep these dragging thoughts down and just either not think about them or practice thinking positive’. Just stopping those thoughts seemed to make me feel more energetic. After all, you can’t let the inevitable from happening. We will have to deal with it in such eventuality. When that happens, you best tool is staying positive and keeping your mind open. Positive thoughts and energies at least give you  ideas that you can consider and pursue. Negative thoughts don’t leave any place for anything else.

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