ADHD and Yoga

ADHD isn’t just an issue for children. It should be a big issue for Adults alike. The lack of focus or in simple yogic terms, a wandering mind has a cure in Yoga. Two techniques help

a) Clearing of thoughts: In this simple technique, you sit relaxingly and try to clear your mind of all thoughts. Thoughts do come by, but don’t get attached to it. Your task is to banish thoughts – drive them away and experience the state that is ‘No-thought’. This is very doable for a minute or two, after which it becomes increasingly challenging. At the end, you will have a way of ‘controlling thoughts’ which is nothing but Yoga as Patanjali states ‘Chitta Vrutti Nirodham’ i.e., control of thoughts is Yoga.

b) Second technique is simple Concentration or Dharana. Here you choose an object and try to stay focused on this object. You don’t think about this object, which will then become meditation. Just keep a single object in your mind. It is best if you choose an object that doesn’t evoke thoughts. One such object is your breath – there will be little thinking about this if you focus on breath.

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