Worst example of customer care

On a recent trip on US Airways, I was reading the airline magazine and somebody has written a book on Customer Care and used how COMCAST is the worst example of such caring. This person apparently went through hell in dealing with COMCAST and didn’t give up until she had spent so much energy and contacted all people she should. Ultimately she ended up writing a book on the state of Customer Care in America. The book is ‘Your Call is (Not That) Important to Us’ and the author isEmily Yellin. You can read the gist of the book from the magazine. It might not surprise you to what extent customers are mistreated.

I totally agree with COMCAST as an example; I wonder if there is anyone who doesn’t agree. Once the sale is over, you – the customer – is left with deal with mistakes the Sales reps do.

Recently COMCAST increased my monthly cost by $20 as my year of Triple Play got over. I called COMCAST and the rep told me that I was being discounted $30 as a valued customer. After one year, my bill will go up by $30. In essence, I would be paying $169 plus taxes for the Triple Play option. Hell, No! I won’t be paying that much for Utilities when there is some competition around. I called Verizon (not that this is my best go-to company) and they offered me Triply Play for $103 for two years w/o any contract.  That was a sweet deal. Of course, the Verizon rep that initially handled the request goofed big time and assigned me a new phone number when I wanted to keep my old one. Just a routine question – a matter of training – would have saved me from an hour on the phone with Verizon.

Anyway getting back to COMCAST, I had to return the equipment after cancelling their services. I put two digital cable boxes, one modem in a plastic bag and with one HD Cable Box I arrived at the Plymouth Meeting, PA office on 1 Apollo road. There were a few customers ahead of me. I was asked to put the equipment behind a plastic door in a receptacle. After entering the equipment numbers into the system, the African American woman (just for identity sake, not anything else I mention race) told me that I had to return the modem. I was positive I had returned it; but she insisted that I hadn’t. I said I will look back home for it. I came back to the car and was certain that I had returned 4 equipments and went back to the office. The second AA woman said the same thing, that they can’t find the modem with them.

I went back home only not to find it anywhere. Where else would I put an equipment the size of two notebooks? I felt cheated. I was positive that the women at COMCAST were up to something. I called COMCAST customer care and after explaining, she said I have no equipment due and I won’t be charged for it. This led me to two options. Either the woman realized I did return the modem and updated my account or exploited a loophole in the system. I know Verizon doesn’t require you to return modem after two years of using their service. If that is the case with COMCAST, then one can pocket the modem ( a sizable piece of equipment, should fetch easily $30-50 on eBay), state the equipment is not due from the customer and make some money. A few cancellations like these and you end up with many hundred dollars. I believe in honesty and know honesty pays. If you work hard and are honest, you will reap the benefits in life. I believe I have. The vice versa is also true. One pays for lack of these qualities in kind and character.


  1. 1 1/2 months after I returned equipment, more than a month after a COMCAST service rep came to the house to disconnect the service, I received a bill charging me for monthly services!! I call COMCAST and was given a 800 number to call; finally the rep recognized that I had disconnected service and said she will take care of it. But I can’t believe even after returning equipment, how can there be a system that charges the customer for monthly service. This is incredible! There is such a simple thing as a trigger that can mark an account as closed when an event occurs. I can’t wait for the day when we have more choices and can’t wait to try out Netflix’s streaming TV services when available. I just pity the thousands of COMCAST employees who are sure to lose jobs in the next few years at this rate of appalling customer service.

  2. Hi there.

    Melissa from Comcast here. I’m sorry to hear of the frustrations we caused you. Please let us know if you have any further issues with the returned equipment. Our team would be happy to get that resolved for you.

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa Mendoza
    Social Media Specialist
    National Customer Operations

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