33 years later…

2nd Grade Class Photo

4th Grade Class Photo
Yesterday night I was in bed reading and getting ready to sleep when I heard the phone ring. Usually this late at night we get calls from back home (India). After a few minutes Rama handed me the phone stating it was an old friend – Hari – of mine. Hari and myself were classmates in elementary and High school. That’s 12 years! The last I had seen Hari was when I first visited India in 1998 after coming to US. We had met along with Swetadri and Uday if I remember right. Well, we chatted a bit and exchanged our current life situations. He invited me to join the Indira Children School Facebook group. It is incredible to even think that I would see photos of such old classmates and I found this group photo of ours. The teacher was Miss Prabavathi. I am standing way to the right in the backmost row. All the names starting ringing in my head as I read the posts – Krishna (Gaadi) Murthy, Shashi Kumar, Bhagya, Hari, Gopal, Shanta Kumar, Sandya Nagaraj, Manjula, Dinesh, Balaji, B R Manjunath, Prasanna, Sujatha, Sulochana, Shashi Kanth, Kotech, Geetha Patil, Meenalochani, Vinod Ram, Bharath Prasad, Sheela, Venkatachalam, Ravikumar, Anand Rao, Prabhavathi, Ramesh, Ashwath. Vinod called today morning. It is unbelievable how a group of young lives who had not thought so much into the future stand where we are today and look back.

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