When do I come to terms with reality?

For me the event that brings me to ultimate reality is the passing of a life. Yesterday, Elizabeth Edwards passed away after a long fight with cancer. Only Sunday evening we heard the news that the doctors had suggested that continuing treatment won’t help. I was looking down a few more months for her; but that was not the case to be. She was an amazing women who was a natural leader and was one with people so easily. May she rest in peace.

I recall seeing Mama (Rama’s sister’s dear family friend) lying lifeless and I couldn’t come to grasp myself with the fact that he wasn’t here anymore. The body was exactly the same, the face appeared just sleeping but no matter what, that face wouldn’t light up again. It was the same with my cousin’s husband – at a young age in his 40s was on a respirator with all of us hoping that this will pass and he will be back to normal again. The billions of us living go through a lot only to leave it all behind and pass. Meaningless – I still don’t have or heard of a convincing reason (convincing enough for me), the purpose of life – why we were created, why we are here. Yes, we can do that or do this, for others or for ourselves, but still it doesn’t appear convincingly enough that it matters if death cuts it off.


  1. God bless her. Ash, yes, I assure thee, the body deCOMPOSes (Latin: ‘de’ – negative, like compost), while the soul lives on indefinitely, ours are indelible, never ending, infinite. So, that’s why it’s extremely important to come to terms with our God. God bless.

  2. An old friend of mine called me and checked about my confusion. Being a spirtual person myself, this was a bit surprising for him. Of course, I am speaking of the above with the scientist in me asking for proof. The spritual person in me believes that the soul lives on, the scientist in me asks for the proof and the practical says try to be happy as I pass the life, whether the fate of the soul is debated.

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