Steve Jobs announced that he is going on medical leave just in time for Apple’s earnings. His role in Apple is so key, that the Nasdaq futures are down almost 20+ points! Those who heard the news first and shorted the NQ surely would make a tidy sum upon tomorrow’s opening.

Anyway, the reason I mention Steve is that we all know he unfortunately suffered from the deadly pancreatic cancer. I hope he is past it and he recovers from whatever he is taking leave for very soon. Yoga has a great posture to energize the pancreas and it the Baddhakonasan – also translated as Bound Angle posture. You form a bound angle with your legs. The posture is something that cobblers in India sit routinely throughout the day while they go about doing their work and they are known to have a very low incidence of problems with pancreas. I remember reading this in Light on Yoga or other Iyengar book. The posture truly stimulates the lower digestive organs, opens up the hip and also rotates out the thigh bones. I love this posture and make it a point to practice this at least a few times a week and always during a yoga session.

It is also a great posture for connecting the outer energy with the inner energy. While holding the posture, take nice, long deep breaths and direct attention to the lower abdomen and energy centers; feel energized.

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