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Watched ‘Green zone’ yesterday. Loved it. The cloud about the truth why America went to war in Iraq still hangs and history will point out again and again the fallacy behind the reason (or lack thereof). Think of it – there was a country with millions of people going about their daily life, though not perfect. Suddenly we have foreigners come into their country with all sorts of power – huge humvees, large choppers, military weapons and start bombarding their loved country. For these folks, who earn less than a fraction of what westerners earn, such show of strength is far from impressive. It would be just retaliatory. Every person who loved peace would blame the westerners, America, in particular. We said the war was over and mission accomplished. In the end, we have these same people (lucky if they still survived) seeing destruction around, loved ones lost or crippled, chaos with no basic utilities. What do you expect them to feel – gratified because there is this seed of democracy. Who the #$@? cares about democracy when peace is lost and there aren’t loved ones anymore. Of course, ‘Green zone’ is a fiction of a movie. I find it rather surprising it didn’t do well at all both within and outside the US.

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