My ‘Power Yoga’ session today

Not exactly the power yoga you read about. It is just a short session, that really gets the energy flowing and the muscles stretching while strengthening.

Starting with Baddhakonasan – nice hip opener and a great start, loosening up the leg joints. Forward bend in Baddhakonasan, nice stretching for the lower back. Transition into Wide-legged side and forward bends; excellent upper leg and abs strengthening postures, just crushes the middle into health. Complete the forward bend series with classic Paschimottanasan; again unparalleled in maintaining flexibility and core strengthening.

Move into incline to strengthen the arms and shoulders, followed by Vasishtasan on both the sides. I can still feel my arms worked up. Then relax a bit in Balasan. Sarvangasana and Halasan ensures the Visudhi chakra (throat region) is energized. Halasan also give a good grip on the core abdominal muscles.

Back to the mat on the tummy with Bhujangasan – nice lift of the lower back and workout for the arms; follow this with the bow – Dhanurasan – which get the heart pumping just with the back bend. By this time, I can feel my back rejuvenated and youthful than it was a few months back. Chakrasan – is next; this is my favorite asana now-a-days. I can feel my back lifting higher and higher these days and the tremendous strength it requires and imparts onto the arms. Chakrasan also stretches and beats out the bulk from the middle – both front and back. I end with Uddiyana and some meditation.

As I sit straight and relaxed, I can feel the energy flowing and uplifting me. The streak inside is most enjoyable and I could sit and enjoy forever.

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  1. Sounds like powerful yoga experience. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

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