Releasing your soul!

Here are a few things to do to release yourself and let go

1) Don’t get stuck with the past. Constantly recalling what happened in the past and getting ‘stuck’ at that point in time is self-defeating if you are on the path to progress.

2) Have goals, both short term and long term: Goals drive you forward and keeps the focus positive

3) Welcome change: Things change unexpectedly. Try to be open and understand things that you can’t change and come up with a list of things to do to swim with the change.

4) Stay positive: This is key to all of the above. Negative thoughts drain your energies and takes the focus away.

5) Surround yourself with what you love: This includes things, friends, family, movies, music, hobbies, etc.

6) Be involved: Be involved in anything you care or love. Let that love spread and influence others.

7) Recognize moderation: Eat, live, sleep, work, sing, dance, enjoy moderately. Anything in excess isn’t good.

8) Don’t be afraid of inner fears: Fears to certain extent are good and keep you on your feet. When we were young, we wouldn’t hesitate so much to do a thing. As you grow, being in a comfort zone makes you afraid of tipping the apple cart. Talk to others or seek advice, but let not fear overwhelm you into inaction.

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