The two Ss of leadership

This post is especially for my young readers. To grow up into the leader you want to be, you need to remember the two S’s of character – Selflessness and Sacrifice. Before going into more about this, there are many levels of progression into leadership:

1) Competence: You need to be able to do a task competently. This is where all you skills come into play and all the learning matters.

2) Teaching: Ideally anyone can be trained to do a task competently. With proper education and training, this is possible. However, leaders tend to be great teachers. Teach a man to fish and he will have dinner for life – as the saying goes.

3) Enablement: The next step in leadership is enablement. You want to be an enabler – make possible others to do the tasks. Give them the right tools and environment. Give them a few teachers.

4) Motivating: After enabling, you need to be good at motivating others to do what they need to do. It isn’t enough to enable someone and let them be de-motivated. I think this is where President Obama is shines. In his inaugural speech, he said ‘Remember, you are remembered by what you build, but not by what you destroyed’ – a clear message to the terrorists.

5) The last rung is leading by example. Do all the above with the two S’s – Selflessness and Sacrifice. It is because of the two Ss that America is what it is today. Many founding fathers gave away vast amounts of lands to the Government and their wealth to others. You have to recognize and understand what the two Ss are in a situation and these need to come from unconditionally. Read about William Penn, the founder of the state of Pennsylvania.

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