Use what you have to fight what you have to

We all fight stress. No one is immune to it – I am talking about ordinary folks who have a mortgage or bills to pay, living in today’s world; not of saints or monks.  We all know how much we all depend on appreciation of what we do in keeping us going. If someone appreciates whatever you do, you would feel grateful and would like to continue doing that. It is that SIMPLE! When you go back and read your emails of any appreciation you have received, you know how good that makes you feel. Yet, when we are stressed, we only think about the situation on hand and nothing else. Here is a simple thing to do. Find all the appreciations you have received – emails, plaques, cards, etc – all that meant a lot to you in the past. Make collages, frame them and keep them around wherever you are. Let those positive messages keep getting reinforced in your conscience again and again, now and then. When you are stressed, you should have this awareness of taking a few moments back and reviewing some of these appreciations. That will put things in perspective – what you are here for, what you like to do and not just focus on the negative aspects of the one thing that is totally occupying your mind.

Above seems a normal, simple thing to do, but lot of us don’t. I don’t. If you come to my desk, it is nice, clean and organized. THAT is the problem. There is nothing else. In times of stress, I need to rely on my memory or conscience to tell me what I am here for or what I enjoy doing so I can better put things in perspective. Building your conscience up with what you believe in is a necessity. But it won’t just fall in place; you got to do your part and simple things do help

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