When not to be upset

As we grow and mature, we would think we would get more and more able to handle a situation. That is very well true. However, there are always new situations that demand on-the-spot judgement and reaction. Our reactions to these are not driven totally by all our learning. They are also influenced by the situation itself – the person/people involved, atmosphere, etc. Often times you end up with a knee-jerk reaction or you get ‘led’ into an action by external factors.

One example is dealing with an unreasonable situation, person in particular. Some people just don’t get it. My wife runs a small business that has a clearly defined return policy (return by the franchise and obviously legal). When parents sign up for tutoring, they are required to pay a month’s fee in advance. The contract is when they end the program,  they are supposed to give a 15-day or so notice. Some of the very illiterate folks don’t have the concept of adhering to contracts. Despite asking them to read and re-read the contract, it goes unread. Recently an unnamed person from a third world country (again unnamed as it will become very easy to generalize) wanted his children to end the program. He also wanted the advance back. His reasoning for the advance back was that a return policy was unheard of in any business and he knows no one in the world who has such a policy. After 1/2 hours of patiently trying to explain the nature of business conducted here and merely hearing back adamant demands, she gave up and wrote a check to him.

The reason I wanted to quote this example is that sometimes no matter what you are doing right, and things don’t go as expected, just let it go. Evaluate the cost involved (stress, anxiety, potential threats, etc) and be wiser. What you will lose then, you are guaranteed to gain back in the future. This is something of my personal experience as well. I have lost things and a month or few months later felt inside me that I gained more since then and from that experience. It is the same thing when you are driving and want to get ahead, but the car besides you is not giving up and wants to get ahead. Instead of pressing the gas, just let it go and you will find peace and save some stress for yourself. Good judgement and maturity is about letting it go, sometimes.

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