Salt Lake City, 02-11

Salt Lake City never ceases to fascinate me with all the snow covered peaks almost all around it. It so happened I was there this month – coincidentally, I was at SLC in February of 2009. That is when I had my Sony DSC W120 shipped from Amazon to the hotel there to take picture – I didn’t want to go back w/o them. This time, with my S90 stolen a few months back, I decided to replace it with a Canon G12. Moreover, I needed a portable point-n-shoot for my upcoming trip when I go to the Queen’s land.

The G12 is the latest in the line of G’s from Canon. It is a power pack point-n-shoot camera with all the controls a photo enthusiast will require. Most DSLR owners have a smaller point-n-shoot that they can carry around when they don’t have their equipment with them. The point is never to leave home without a camera.

I considered the s95 and G12. This time I went to a Best Buy and held both the cameras in my hand. The s95 feels a bit too small for steadying up. The G12 is built like a tank and I expect it to last a long time w/o dust getting in, etc. I liked the feel and weight of the G in my hand. If required, you can slip it into your coat pocket or even the trouser’s. The strap attaches to either side of the camera unlike the s90 and doesn’t dangle down – no big deal, but I think that is how a camera needs to hang from your neck – always horizontal.

The G12 has the HDR feature (High Dynamic Range). When you shoot pictures in situations where the contrast of light is extreme, then the camera cannot expose correctly to all regions. The G12 will take 3 quick shots and stitch together the best. This is great if you want to see details in all the regions.

The LCD can be pulled out of the body and rotated to an angle, helpful to shoot pictures in small spaces. The best thing is it can be put back in with the monitor facing inside i.e., the back of the LCD is exposed for storage, thus you don’t have to worry about scratching the panel. The G can also record video in High Definition with stereo sound, a handy feature though I think a camera is for shooting photos, so I am not gaga over videos in cameras but the magazines do. It also has a hot spot for an additional flash. The flash doesn’t pop-up like the s90, which I thought was flimsy enough to be knocked down accidentally. The customizable ring sits tight again unlike in the s90 where it was easy enough to move accidentally and change the setting. The G also has a 5x optical zoom and the same sensor as the S95, both great to shoot in low light situations. The s90/95 has a slightly faster lens, thus you will see less grain/noise with ISO 800 and above.

I haven’t fully explored the features yet. I compared the photos to that taken with my Sony a couple of years back. The colors from the Sony look a bit more vivid, but I think this can be easily adjusted by selecting the right mode. I didn’t have too much time to take pictures expect to drive up the Big Cannonwood trail to Brighton and Serenity Ski lodges. The scenes were snow pack, thus you see more black-n-white in the photos than color, except the occasional sky showing off its blue.

Here is a slilde show of the pictures I took.

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