The revolution in Africa, Asia is next

The revolution in Africa has just about started and there are still many countries that need to express their voice. The message of democracy has been spread well enough by modern day tools such as the computer and Facebook and Google. These governments didn’t see this coming very certainly. Now they are doing all they can to shut information off. The information age that was predicted after the demise (of the growth) of the personal computer is not really about access to information or mere dissemination, but it is about what information can really do. And we are seeing the most desirable effect in the African countries now. After Africa, I hope it doesn’t stop there. Come on, the whole world isn’t all good after Africa, right? Asia is the next place. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and more are all oppressed in a way. Yes, they have the title of a developing country, but they have been ‘Developing countries’ for decades. With all the resources that India has and the promise that Independence brought to the people, India is still yet to establish its credibility to the developed world. Of course, the developed worlds has vested interests in doing business with India, but they can really make a difference when they start addressing the root of the problem in both Asia and Africa – that is of corruption. There is corruption in every level in these government. When I was studying Engineering – I got into the college on merit alone, which is just not possible now-a-days due to limits, a fellow of mine from another college wasn’t doing so good. He somehow managed to finish his degree 18 months after everyone else completed. He got a job in the Public Works Department as a junior engineer. I remember him saying that he didn’t have to do anything to make money. He was guaranteed a quota of fifty thousand rupees every month even without asking. 50 grand in today’s money is $1.2K and in the late 80s, it should have been worth a lot more. Imagine that, you get money on which you don’t have to pay taxes or even report it. No wonder, young honest minds get trapped into the system by noting that they didn’t ask for anything and turn a blind eye to the ill-effects caused by the actions. If you visit the small busy roads in Bangalore (and in any other city for that matter), you will see thousands of shops that do roaring business. I bet if these businesses were taxed properly, the government would get a lot of revenue and if such revenue was spent properly for the people, the standard of living would have risen six decades after independence. I am just rambling I guess – you might think. After all thousands of people know these and can’t do much about it. But this will change soon. The power of information is hard to hold, if not in months, but in a few years these government will be more accountable. The western world should first take aim at Switzerland – in the name of doing business, they lack the balls to enforce ethical practices. It is a well know secret that powerful people stash money away in Swiss banks or the Cayman islands. I wish in the next world war, these two places are the first to be nuked. The US government recently honored Warren Buffett as a civil hero. This is great and he deserves all the honor. But the down trodden in parts of the world deserve a decent chance at making it. The American and Western developed nations can make it possible if they really care of true democracy – in serving not just their own people but people of the world.

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