Intolerant Pakistan!

The recent killing of a Christian Pakistani minister shows, after six decades of independence the struggles that Pakistan is going through for embracing a lenient approach to militants in the past. The government while clearly recognizing the path to growth is openness, is unable to act decisively in dealing with the militants. Else, why would it take decades to ween out those few extremists when you have the power of a mighty military? The top brass being in cohorts and sympathizing with the militants is a clear factor. However much it is denied, the fact is a lot of extremism stems from this part of the sub-continent. The real losers are the people of Pakistan. They are paying the price for the narrow minded thinking of their government. In the past, Pakistani government has taken the easy path to blame India for everything. Their diplomats, while arguably some of the most articulate English speaking, British educated officials, have used the power of communication in denying what is wrong with the government in the foreign media. I distinctly remember the likes of Benazir Bhutto, Gen. Musharaf and an ambassador coming on CNN and how eloquently they were defending their actions. The point is, such educated people seem to little understand what it takes to raise the level of lifestyle in the country. The Pakistanis are great fighter and they don’t give up – it is evident in the cricket games they have won. The same spirit is prevalent in each of their citizen. They need to take that spirit and instead of siding with extreme fundamentalist thinking, they have to recognize how openness is a critical factor in growth.

In all fairness, it doesn’t mean India is all right. In fact, the many corrupt politicians of India have likewise deprived the people of India a fairer chance at life. Some 70% of current Parliament members have criminal records. It is not uncommon that you will find a member of parliament who is or being investigated for outright criminal acts like murder, let alone corruption. The recent crackdown on some of the officials in the wake of the Commonwealth Games corruption scandal is but one of those instances that the current leadership had done something right. This could be politically motivated given the next round of elections are on cards. However, exposing corrupt people sends a strong message to the public and is first step in routing out corruption and giving the Indian people what they truly deserve i.e., a better chance at life.

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