Europe, Day 6

19-Mar-2011 12:34, Canon Canon PowerShot G12, 4.5, 30.5mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 80

The next day, I think I made the mistake of my trip. Needing to check out from the hotel, I decide to walk the 20 minutes to work and as might guess, it took me a lot more than that to get there even after another cab ride. Once you are out of the city, you don’t even see taxis for you to stop. So, order you cab at the hotel before you leave. The evening ride back to London was something I looked forward to after all the mis-trips. You have to clear customs in France and immediately UK Immigration to get onto the EuroRail. The evening sun lit up the fields and truly showed off the European pastures that we read and hear about. Unlike the graffiti on London rail-side, this ride was blessed with sights. It turned dark soon enough and we were in darkness for 30-40 minutes while under the Channel. Thus it makes no difference if you are sleeping or riding underneath the Channel. Things are dark and moving fast. Sleep would be quieter and might take you to other places. On the train, my mind was tired from the trip and a sense of fear of the overpowering markets continued to deplete me of my energy. You see, fear and greed are two things to avoid to be a successful investor. I preach it a lot. But no journey is perfect. I took solace in the fact that failures lead to success as one of the top traders in the Jack Schwartz book ‘Top Traders’ had said. It was a good thing for him to start with a loss. I can’t say the same thing, but not risking all of what you have is something I was comfortable with.

19-Mar-2011 13:43, Canon Canon PowerShot G12, 3.2, 8.898mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 1600

I was back to the Strand again. I requested a quiet room and was given one on the sixth floor. It was just outside the elevator – I found out after I got off it. But I had no mind to change. I was eager to explore London again. I got out my camera and after a quick shower, went the direction of Sagar once more. A Sev Puri, Salt Lassi, Upma and Mysore Masala Dosa was my dinner – the most I have ever had. The food was awesome and well within twenty pounds. Unlike the Woodlands, Sagar was not only great but also reasonable. The place was filled with a big group of theater goers and the hall sounded noisy. I called up Vikas and chatted with him for a while. After dinner, it was nice to walk along the Strand and behind. Now being familiar to the place and knowing I wasn’t going in search of anything, I was back at the hotel in good time for the night. The next day (Friday) I was to be at Kingswood where Fidelity (UK) is located. It was to be an hour’s worth of train ride and so I set up the alarm once more for an very early morning rise.

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