Saadhana means sustained practice. Saadhana is the key to keep balance in Yoga. If you practice Yoga regularly, it is not so easy to know the benefits. YES, I said – not so easy. That is because you are in a state of balance all the time and you wouldn’t know what is balance. For those who don’t practice regularly, you will know what the difference is after the practice. In other words, it takes a negative to reinforce a positive. A lot of travel over the past two weeks kept me off practice and I could see the difference. A 10 – TEN – minutes worth of practice today made all the difference. Imagine how much of a difference it would make if the practice is regular. For someone who practices fairly regularly, I know the impact. The days of practice keeps myself happy and content. I do know that I feel whole on those days. A few days of lapse starts to affect my being – I get stressed more easily or lose focus or whatever. The key thing to learn is Just Do It i.e., just practice daily if possible. Even a 5-10 minutes session of simple focused breathing and stretching makes the magic. Anyway, coming back to the mechanics of the result of meditation. It is proven by research that the levels of cortisone in the body decreases with meditation. Cortisone levels are a clear indicator of stress. Thus you feel relaxed and calm. A simple breathing technique called Focused breathing is all you need. Just sit in a comfortable position and bring your attention to the sound of your breathing. Nothing else – no thinking or distractions. Just listen to the sound of your breathing. It is that simple. I have found that it takes about 2-3 minutes for me to detach myself from the constant on-goings and start to enjoy the state. It might vary for you. Just try it and find how much it is strengthening.

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