Yoga helps calm down atrial fibrilation

Happy Ugadi Subhashayagalu – It is the Hindu New Year’s day to Kannadigas and Teluguites and few other states. New Years day in India is based on the religious calendar and can vary across the regions.

Also congratulations to the Indian team in winning the ICC World Cup in a very professional manner beating the Sri Lankans handily, though not without some tense beginning. We watched the entire match free thanks to the Internet on; the quality and consistency was alright but I am not complaining when it was all free. We did lose the last 10 minutes when Dhoni opened up in the last two overs – but it was enjoyable watching my favorite game getting up early on a Saturday morning.

Anyway, I wanted to share this article “In a small preliminary study, the ancient art of yoga appeared to halve the number of episodes of a potentially dangerous irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation.
Three sessions of yoga a week also improved quality of life, lowering levels of the anxiety and depression which often plagues patients with this condition, according to research to be presented Saturday at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in New Orleans. Read on..”.

Last Friday, I was back to teaching at the Gathering Garden. The one hour session consisted first of breathing and meditation techniques – Ujjayi, Focused breathing, Centering on the Heart and Ajna Chakras, Breath of Fire, Anuloma Pranayama – all of which help us center ourselves within and calm us down. Rest of the session was all on the mat – starting with a series of movements involving most of the joints (Pavanamukthasan series), Reverse Balasan, Bhujangasan, Shalabasan variations, Dhanurasan variant, Ananthasan, Knee-to-chest with Pavanmukthasan, Bridge, Supta Baddakonasan, Supta Matyasendrasan on either side, Matyasendrasa, Jalandhara Bandha and Open minded meditation. When you practice the lying down and seated postures, it is very relaxing and ultra-calming. The Standing postures are strengthening but also can be draining if you over do them.

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  1. totally cool. i have never done yoga, but i’ll definitely try one day! 🙂

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