If you want to be a Technical Manager…, read this.

Here are the skills you MUST have:

– Be passionate about the applications you own
– Know the applications you own inside out. You must know the functionality to a large extent. You must know the technical architecture very well.

Simple enough? Some other skills that are applicable to any job that you should also have:

– Take ownership with a goal for successful completion. If you think your consultants will help you through with you learning, you are in the wrong boat.
– Take a collaborative approach. It is not you Vs they i.e., my company Vs the vendor. That is a losing strategy. For e.g., there are things the consultant will bring onto the table. There are things YOU should know about the environment and dynamics within the company. Don’t expect the consultant to do everything for you.
– STOP asking questions such as ‘Do you think we are good to go?’ with the hope of holding responsible your team member if something goes wrong. Instead, make sure you have a low level task list and check things out.
– If you are in a situation where you are blaming someone else, you already have LOST the battle.
– Hire the RIGHT RESOURCES for the job. Just don’t throw in a body and expect good results. In building the team, take input from key team members.

Bottom line, if you are just reporting issues and getting resources, you are not adding much value. Any Joe can do that job.

I am currently involved in a Project where the PM doesn’t know a thing about the application – he doesn’t know that there are two major modules in the application; he doesn’t know what the application URLs are for heaven’s sake; thinks as Us and your company; doesn’t know much about technical must-have such as how many servers the application is running on, what components make up his company’s single-sign-on environment, etc – come on, this is a Technical Manager!!

If you think you can hire cheap resources and cut costs, think again. No wonder smart people want to be part of smaller group/organization than being part of a large, Global behemoth which has layers and layers of management and paperwork that puts the governments to shame.

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