What do you want to do with your life?

You can spend it in a rat-race of wanting to have everything that everyone else has OR you can spend it in trying to do what someone else does so well OR spend it away doing anything of any substance OR spend it away thinking about what you want to do OR create your own work that distinguishes you. It is none of these.

What you want to do is do what you are supposed to do in life. That is why you are here in this world. Many people will know what is that they have to do in their life, many will still be figuring it out, many will be unaware of it, many will simply ignore it going after other pursuits. In order to know what it is that you are supposed to do, the single place to go to is your inner voice. The stronger it is, the more you know what you are meant to do easily. That inner voice is your guidance. You don’t need a guru or a teacher or a mentor to tell you that. They are there to help you do what you have to do after you know it. You might learn from others or them and that might give you a clue, but relying on yourself is compulsory. Else you will be on a path defined by others only to later realize that is not what you wanted to do.

The more you listen to your inner voice, the more you can hear what it is saying. Those brief interruptions you get – thoughts that question you or guide you – chose not to ignore. Ignoring will develop a pattern and you get into a habit of over thinking yourself. It is easy to know if you are over thinking yourself – are you comfortable with what you are doing? If not, it is time to retrace your path back to a point of comfort. Where I came from, it is (or was) routine for youngsters ask what should he or she do when they grow up? Instead parent them to think for themselves. The more you influence them into what they need to do, the more they will not know what they need to do in every situation. Same applies to you. If you listen too much to someone else, you will always want their opinion. Your heart will tell you if you are on the right path. Don’t listen to your mind, mind is just a tool like your limbs capable of doing certain drive. Your heart should be driving your mind.

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