America’s bargaining power wasted away

America is using its aid as a bargaining power to influence different countries to foster democracy, human and civil rights and its own interests, of course. But President Obama’s speech on the Middle East shows a severe vested interests and bias when it comes to Saudi Arabia. This is all known now.If America really cares for human rights and democracy, it needs to go against Saudi Arabia and China. We all know how bad human rights situation is in China, people get executed for talking or protesting against the government – no trails here. A women in Saudi Arabia, recently for driving a car on her own, was arrested and jailed. The US has to depend a large bit for oil, but all that supply could be diverted to other countries. This should happen over a period of time without causing disruptions. In a free market economy, this might not seem possible, but I bet the shenanigans in the government can do anything they want. A similar threat from other countries around the world is also lacking and such a concerted threat will make the Middle East think hard and demonstrate positive action.

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  1. Yesterday, the Saudi Prince came on CNN and said Saudi Arabia is working to lower prices of oil. Prices of oil went over $115 per barrel in Jan/Feb and the gas prices went up. Even after the price per barrel is down below $100, the prices at the pump still hover around 52-week high. Why isn’t the government or anyone questioning?

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