Close-ups and portraits

If you like to shoot outdoors and landscapes, welcome to the world of close-ups. While vast vistas can be breathtaking, closeups show details like nothing else. You need a good zoom lens or you need to get up close – whichever works. Last Sunday, we had relatives visit us and the two children were all the attention. It is always a challenge to photograph young children as they are typically photo-shy and the don’t show their true self when asked to pose for a photograph. Thus you need to have a good plan. First of all, if you want to take a couple of shots, forget it. You just won’t do justice to the great subjects. You should plan an hour at least. The first few shots, the child can be shy. Show her or him the photo on the LCD of your screen. This lightens them up.After a click, they want to peek at the photo. After many minutes, they get back to being their normal self. It took just that amount of time once I had the camera out for the little girl and her baby sister to get back to their playful ways. The older one was getting more pally with my son and wanted to get him to play. He had finished his subject SAT and was up late night and was totally exhausted. I got a series of shots of her trying to entice him out of his tired self. This sequence captured the incredible emotions of the little one.

Similarly, photographing a baby has the same challenge. You want to capture photos when he or she is the most active and lively. This is the most challenging time of course as they tend to move fast. Thus you need a fast lens especially on a day such as last Sunday when we were indoors. And don’t get stuck to your expensive, latest hi-tech camera. You can take great shots with a fairly sophisticated point-and-shoot. You need to be successful in catching the moment. Of course, my G12 is quite advanced and the price has more than paid off with some incredible memories captured on film (or should I say, file?). With the amount of mega pixels most of the digital cameras pack now-a-days, you get a lot more detail. I have included just a few sample pictures here.

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