Old Faithful

Day 1 – Arrived at SLC from Philly – a rather long journey considering we had another long drive to Yellowstone right ahead of us. Rented an almost brand new Buick Lacrosse from Hertz and we were out to get lunch. I had been to SLC before many times and I decided to take the family to Himalayan Kitchen near the Downtown Courtyard where I had stayed earlier. The food was excellent, the Rose milk and Strawberry Lassi too was great and so were the prices. I snapped a few pictures with my Infuse and we were on our way to SLC. I always take my Garmin Nuvi with me and getting directions to anywhere is a breeze. The Buick made the nearly six hour drive comfortable. We stopped on the way for a break at a Mac – surprisingly the coffee at Macs are far superior than what you might expect after one is used to the Starbucks kind.
We arrived at the Old Faithful inn – our first stop – around 8. We had booked 4 hotels inside the park for each of the four nights. This is a great way of seeing the park and experiencing different parts. All the hotels inside the park are historic and different than the typical city center hotel we are used to. For one there are no televisions inside the room. Some don’t have A/C. You can get a room with a private bath or you can use the common bathrooms. The room had two windows on each of the sides and as we looked out we could see at least four geysers smoking. The hotel looked down on the surroundings sitting atop of a small hill. There was a general store – all wooden building – about 150 yards to the side on one side and we heard there was another store and a restaurant on the other side.We we just in time for the Old Faithful to erupt and we immediately stepped out. It is a minute walk to the geyser – thus you can watch it erupt every time if you have the enthusiasm at different times of the day. Old Faithful started off sputtering water and steam and receding for many to start cheering it on. Soon it started cresending into its peak height of about 100ft. For a moment we stepped back and thought of what was going on inside the bowels of mother Earth.
Yellowstone is a living volcano. It has erupted in the past many times and the last time it erupted was about 640,000 years back. Back then, the eruption was the size of about 25 Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The next eruption, when it happens, is certain to destroy the whole of the United States and send the world into darkness.
After watching the eruption, we checked out the restaurant and didn’t find food we wanted. We picked up groceries at the general store. All the buildings are made of logs and logs of wood and they themselves are a sight to behold. The Old faithful inn is historic site and the huge fireplace runs all the way up to the ceiling nearly 100 feet above.

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