Yellowstone – some tips

I recently posted my trip to Yellowstone on the blog. To enjoy most of it, here are some tips.

1) Plan at least three nights and four days. I found anything less can be pretty hectic. Three nights will give you the opportunity to experience the park from different locales in the park.

2) Stay inside the park rather than outside and driving in and out everyday. Yes, this will be more expensive but the experience is once-in-a-lifetime thing that you can’t afford to miss. If you are an early getup sort of person, it is unbelievable what Yellowstone can be like in the early morning during and right after sunrise. The calm and nature are unparalleled. And it would ideal for photographs. Dining inside these inns is a fabulous experience. Else there are general stores that carry all the grocery and packaged food that is necessary.

3) Staying inside the park – stay across the different inns/hotels each night. The Grand loop that goes around the park is in a sort of oval and you can find the inns at strategic locations along the loop. Staying in each of these inns is an experience by itself – the atmosphere is totally different than staying in an urban hotel setting.

4) Definitely find time to drive through the Grand Teton National park. You can either do this arriving into Yellowstone or while leaving Yellowstone depending on where you are coming in from. This is ideal if you are coming in from the south such as Salt Lake City. Jackson, WY is a place to fly into if you are flying in. Your other option is to stay at Grant Village which is at the South entrance and plan to drive to the Grand Teton. Plan for about 4 hours if you are just driving and stopping for pictures on the drive.

5) The Grand Loop, which runs around much of the park,  itself is about 140 mile long and there are gas stations at each and every hotel point. Be sure to fill the tank before you drive to the Grand Teton as I didn’t find any gas station inside this park.

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