Like there is learning, there is also unlearning. With eagerness to pick up whatever we can, we grab a lot of information and habits that we don’t need. The end result – yes, you are a vessel brimming with water, but no space to take in more. More importantly, you have no time to do anything else. Do you want to find out what is it that you are carrying around that you don’t want to do. Take a few days off your hobby. But I love it – your mind might say. There is a difference in what you love to do and what you do to keep you occupied. After my initial year and a half of enthusiasm for photography, I get to use my camera now when I am travelling. In the past, I would browse some photography book or magazine when I wasn’t travelling. Yes this was required initially when I had to learn the tricks and tips. Now that I can get some good photos, my yearning for learning here has waned. Result, I find time knowing what I might do. Same thing with investing. After 16 or so years of active investing, I have taken a break with some focused picks letting them run not being afraid of selling because it is down or the market is down unless there is some fundamental change in the company or the overall economic situation. The end result again is I find more time. Maybe it is summer and I don’t have to shuttle my son around to school or pick him up late and this could be the reason too, but it might be all of the above.When you have time next, don’t rush into doing something you always wanted to. Let the time pass and let it provide an opportunity for you to ponder why you are here, where else you want to go, etc. This time around, make sure you are taking the right step in the right direction – that will evolve with you as you grow. My photography and investing skills have grown with me, but I find I don’t have to be preoccupied with it all the time. I thank God for the space in time he has created. You can find such time by unlearning or not doing things you are accustomed to do by habit. Unlearning takes on more dimensions than just forgoing an activity. Getting out of habit is unlearning. That is why many children can do a job better than adults or come up with more creative end results, because they are not stuck to a single, habitual path. Once we get into a certain table in life, don’t we do things just to keep us occupied? If it isn’t worth it, then just experiencing the present is more worth it which will open up your mind.

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