Feeling low? Call a friend.

Here is what you can do. Go hunt old friends. About 4 months ago I got a call from India and it was Hari – my elementary school buddy! It was about THIRTY years since I last saw him and about thirty four since I went to school with him. Imagine my surprise and excitement. He and another classmate had started a Facebook group and were after hunting down all classmates. Now that group is about 15 strong and some more who aren’t on Facebook. But this started a flood of memories – things we did together such as climbing the Guava tree in his backyard after school playing hide and seek OR playing cricket daily on the fields. The memories were numerous and it was FUN to live through and talk through all that. It was exciting to hear where each of us was in life today and sad to hear there a few who were no more with us. Life ultimately teaches us a lesson as to what is important and what isn’t. But I found going back to these old friends made a lot of change in me. For one I was feeling I had very few friends suddenly all that changed. Like Rama said – a friend is someone who doesn’t judge you but provides support in whatever you do. That is a gem of a definition. You need to find those people who support you and not judge you or use you all the time. Going back to classmates is a great avenue. We started another group for us High Schoolers and that group is going strong. It might sound silly to many that it is a big deal to find friends. But believe me, when you have crossed continents and left you home back across the seas and phone calls are expensive, keeping in touch with friends was not a easy task. Now with the Internet and Facebook and social media, that has all changed. Do this now. Pick up a close friend you haven’t talked to in years and talk to him or her or leave a voice mail. It is a healthy diversion, that I can guarantee.

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