The day Coffee attended Kumon!

We had one of this Summer’s worst thunderstorms today. There was no match for the winds, the thunder and the lightning. My wife was at the center and apparently she had a strange student – a four legged dog. His name was Coffee as she found out later. The center is a fairly busy place with people walking in and out at a regular interval and the rain outside had led this dog astray. It found its way through the open door of her Kumon Center. There was a lot of commotion created with about 20-25 K-12 students in there. Rama noticed it first and she isn’t one who is particularly pally with dogs. She was more concerned about the safety of the kids. As she narrated, she was very nervous. As she watched, the dog paced a bit inside walking around and underneath a few tables. The kids were excited and there were a few squeals. Finally Coffee found a corner and just settled down. A little girl noticed the anxiety on Rama’s face and advised ‘Ms. Rama! dogs don’t hurt anyone!’. That didn’t ease her nervousness or anxiety. She asked a few parents in the waiting area if they could handle the dog. One lady stepped up and tried to stroke the dog’s ears but Coffee was growling a bit. Finally on someone’s advice that dogs don’t like lightning it was decided to leave it alone and  things carried on inside the center. After the rain stopped a parent stepped out and went around the block, coming back 10 minutes later with four kids. One of the exclaimed ‘Coffee’ and he promptly followed them out. No Math or Reading lessons for Coffee – maybe he didn’t like the studying, but he sure did pay a visit to the Kumon Center! That certainly should be a first.

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